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Best Home Intercom System Reviews Guide

Owning your own home intercom system will make your life easier and may even prevent the death of yourself or a loved one.

Due to the important role they play in the lives of homeowners, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to find the best home intercom system for your home. This means putting in a little effort to research different home intercom system reviews and examine how each one stacks up to your specific needs.

Thanks to this guide, however, you’ll have all of the info you need to compare and contrast the designs and features of today’s best home intercom systems. So, grab a cup of coffee or glass of tea and let’s begin!

Best Wireless Intercom Systems for Home

1. Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Portable Intercom Review

Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Portable Intercom

This portable, tech-friendly intercom is perfect for homes of all sizes. In addition to its sophisticated black and metal gray duotone finish, the Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless portable intercom is incredibly user-friendly, reliable, and loaded with advanced features like voice activation and monitor mode. Combined with its 1,000-foot range and 900MHz digital link, it’s easy to see why so many users consider the Chamberlain NLS2 the best wireless intercom on the market today.

Intercom Features:

This first-class Chamberlain intercom is a user-friendly gadget and an ideal fit for nearly any size home or office. In terms of signal capability and efficiency, this dual-intercom system is the best in the business.

Completely wireless, the Chamberlain NLS2 can be taken from room to room and allows you to have multiple conversations at the same time or simultaneously broadcast a message to all channels via its secure 900MHz digital radio link. The portable intercom system can also be expanded, allowing you to add additional units and communicate to rooms and areas throughout your property or estate.

The NSL2 also comes equipped with monitor and voice activation modes. With the Voice Operated Switch, or VOX, you can also completely customize the intercom’s sensitivity settings for nothing but the absolute best sound.

Unlike cheaper models, this Chamberlain has a generous range of 1,000 feet and also requires no wires or connections at all. To top it all off, it’s compatible with Chamberlain’s NLS1, NTD2, and NDIS intercoms as well. This allows you to add intercoms to every room and expand your home’s communication network across your property.


• 900MHz secure digital communication
• 1,000-foot wireless range
• Voice activation
• Monitor mode
• Two intercoms included
• Network expands up to 12 intercoms
• Four AA batteries required (not included)
• Color: black and silver
• Weight: 1.3 pounds
• Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.3 x 2.8 inches


• Clear signal transmission
• Allows for multiple simultaneous conversations
• Scalable up to 12 intercoms
• Reliable 1,000-foot operating range
• Advanced features


• Well-priced, but more expensive than some wireless intercom units
• No volume control or mute options
• Monitor mode only works with the primary device


The Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Portable Intercom is the most popular home intercom system on the market, and for good reason. In addition to excellent sound quality and terrific features like voice activation and monitoring, this top-rated Chamberlain wireless intercom has an impressive 1,000-foot operating range and can be expanded to allow you to send and receive messages across nearly any home or property.

With such quality, versatility, and ease of use, the NLS2 is arguably the best intercom system being sold today. If you demand the best and don’t mind paying a few dollars more for exactly that, this wireless home intercom is a great buy and certainly worth considering. It has hundreds of glowing reviews on Amazon alone, making it a top-seller and one of the most popular home intercoms around.

2. Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Intercom Review

Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Intercom Review

Designed with portability and durability in mind, the Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Intercom provides a convenient way to talk to others both indoors and out. The one-channel Chamberlain NTD2 is battery-operated and constructed with a durable weather-resistant design, making it incredibly versatile and well-suited for outdoor use. With a generous 1,000-foot operating range and digital 900MHz communication, this Chamberlain wireless intercom is considered by many as the best home intercom system for everyday use.

Intercom Features:

The Chamberlain NTD2 wireless portable intercom is the definition of versatility and comes equipped with all of the essential features you need at a laughably low price. Like the NLS2, the NTD2 has an extended operating range of 1,000 feet, allowing it to work remarkably well when communicating across a property and between different buildings.

Since it is battery-operated and powered by four AA batteries, there’s no need for hardwiring or to connect it to a power source. You can simply press a button to turn it on and begin enjoying crystal clear digital 900MHz communication.

This affordable, easy-to-use Chamberlain intercom also features a monitor mode with a VOX switch, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity settings for the clearest possible sound in any environment.

The real shining star of the NTD2, however, is its durable construction and portable design. Not only is it small and lightweight, but it’s completely weather-resistant, making it suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications.

It’s also compatible with other Chamberlain intercoms, such as the NLS1, NLS2, and NDIS, so you can use this as your outdoor intercom and one of these other more robust Chamberlain models as your indoor intercom.


• 900MHz secure digital communication
• 1,000-foot wireless range
• One-channel direct line communication
• Monitor mode
• Two intercoms included
• Network expands to up to 64 units
• Four AA batteries required (not included)
• One-year warranty
• Weight: 15.2 ounces
• Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 7 inches


• Portable and durable design
• Simple operation
• Adjustable volume control and monitor mode
• Inexpensive


• Lack of additional channels
• Slight delay when speaking


The Chamberlain NTD2 is a set of two durable and portable intercoms with an extended range and simple operation, making it a popular option for homeowners in search of flexible coms for indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re looking for a high-tech WiFi intercom or fancy front door intercom, the NTD2 probably isn’t what you’re looking for. However, as you can see from other home intercom system reviews, it’s a great little intercom for all-purpose use in and around your property.

3. Generic Home Intercom System Review

Generic Home Intercom System Review

Its name may be Generic, but I assure you, there’s nothing generic about the Generic Home Intercom System. Designed as a fully functional wireless intercom system for home use, this impressive multi-channel system offers three wireless intercom units, an array of impressive push-to-talk features, passable 462MHz digital communication, and even a lockable talk button for convenient hands-free use.

If you’re on the hunt for a functional, no-frills house intercom system that just plain works, keep reading to see if the Generic Home Intercom System is right for you.

Intercom Features:

It doesn’t feature cutting-edge technology or a sleek, modern design, but this is arguably the best wireless home intercom system on the market in terms of value. The wireless intercom comes complete with not one but three units as well as three AC adapters.

The units all have a serviceable range of 200 feet, which is fine for most homes, and 462MHz FM circuitry for reliably clear wireless communication at all times. Unlike a door intercom or video intercom system, there’s no installation at all, just plug it in and talk away.

Speaking of talking, the Generic Home Intercom System has a large “TALK” button for effortless push-to-talk functionality. Unlike many residential intercom systems, this button has a locking mechanism for continuous communication. Rather than one channel, the intercoms also have three channels for multi-channel communication.

What you’ll appreciate most about the Generic Home Intercom System is its performance. Just open the package, plug it in, and it will work exactly as it should. It’s not the prettiest or most portable, but all of these features and more make this home intercom deserving of some serious consideration.


• 462MHz secure digital communication
• 200-foot wireless range
• New wireless circuit design
• Three-channel functionality
• Direct channel buttons
• Adjustable volume
• AC adapter included
• Weight: 7.5 ounces
• Dimensions: 6.7 x 1.8 x 4.1 inches


• Multiple channels allow for greater versatility and improved reception
• Easy installation and set-up process
• Clear sound quality with little to no distortion or noise
• Lockable talk button


• Short operating range of only 200 feet
• Some users have noted occasional interference and random signal pick-up


Are you tired of yelling up the stairs every morning for your children to get ready or having to trek up and down every 10 minutes to check on your elderly parents? If so, this home intercom system may be the perfect fit for you and your home.

The simple and easy-to-use Generic Home Intercom System offers a great sound quality and works day in and day out exactly like a home intercom should. If you’re into high-tech gadgetry and looking for the best video intercom, this obviously isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re after a home intercom that just plain works and is easy for children or seniors to use, this Generic should be your top choice.

4. Optex IVPDH iVision+ Wireless Video Intercom Review

Optex IVPDH iVision+ Wireless Video Intercom Review

Designed to look a lot like a cellphone and let you see and talk to whoever is at your door, the Optex IVPDH iVision+ Wireless Video Intercom is by far one of if not the best video doorbell intercom your hard-earned money can buy. The next generation wireless video intercom provides you with a notification whenever someone is at your door and lets you see and safely talk to them from the comfort of the inside of your home. You don’t even have to get out of the bed!

The Optex iVision+ system comes complete with an LCD handheld receiver unit and a wireless doorbell equipped with a camera, providing you with ultimate convenience and security. With a plethora of features and a 330-foot transmission range as well, it’s easy to see why so many security professionals consider these Optex systems some of the best in the business.

Intercom Features:

What’s better than an iVision doorbell? How about an iVision camera doorbell! Beautifully combining an intercom with a doorbell camera, the Optex IVPDH iVision+ Wireless Video Intercom is in many opinions the best home intercom system on the market today.

This all-new Optex provides you with the ability to monitor anyone who arrives at your front door and greet them from any room in your home. That’s right. With an ample operating range of 330 feet, you can relax by the pool and still greet guests or keep guard over the front of your home. Pretty cool, right?

You’ll find many home intercom system reviews raving about the enhancements made to this new and improved Optex intercom system. In addition to now being able to beautifully stream live video, it now allows you to add additional doorbell and handheld units for additional entryways or complete home security.

Each iVision+ wireless intercom system features a slim handheld unit equipped with an LCD monitor and a wireless doorbell with camera. In addition to being able to see and talk to visitors remotely from up to 330 feet away, the iVision+ also allows you to remotely unlock electronic locks. Not only does this provide you with ultimate convenience, but it allows you to create a dramatic entrance at will as well.

The iVision+ doorbell is powered by three AA batteries and the unique LCD handheld unit comes with a charging station and battery pack.


• Wireless handheld unit with LCD monitor
• Camera doorbell
• Remote door unlock
• 330-foot operating range
• Weight: 8 ounces
• Dimensions: 13.1 x 8.5 x 3.2 inches


• Built by a brand with an excellent reputation
• Easy to install
• Well-designed and simple to use
• Handheld LCD monitors are small and can be taken and used anywhere within range
• Ability to have multiple units and stations around the house
• Provides an additional layer of security


• More expensive than other systems
• Doorbell unit is powered by batteries, which must be replaced
• Would be nice if camera had a wider field of view


The Optex IVPDH iVision+ Wireless Video Intercom is a high-performance video door intercom suitable for a number of different applications. That being said, most users who purchase the iVision+ have reported especially loving the system’s security benefits. With this video intercom system, you never have to answer the door blindly or rely on an outdated old peephole ever again!

On the downside, the Optex iVision+ is a little pricier than other home intercom systems out there, and considering the cost, the video quality could be a little better. All things considered, however, it’s still the best video intercom system for home use being sold today. If you have the money to spend and like spending it on all of the right things, do yourself a favor and get this Optex. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Gbargain Video Intercom System Review

Gbargain Video Intercom System Review

The Gbargain Video Intercom System provides many of the same features as the iVision+, plus it has an oversized 7-inch LCD monitor that lets you clearly see whoever is at your door. This two-way intercom and video doorbell system is considered by many as the best home intercom system due to the enhanced security it provides. With infrared LED capabilities and a host of other great features, it’s easy to see why this Gbargain is highly recommended in nearly all home intercom system reviews.

Intercom Features:

The Gbargain Video Intercom System is indeed a great bargain. The affordably priced two-way video doorbell system has a modern design and utilizes the latest technology to provide you with all of the features you would expect to find in systems costing twice as much.

One such feature is the 7-inch color HD LCD display. Not only does its generous size allow you to clearly see visitors in a private and discreet manner from inside of your home, but it also has infrared LEDs for crystal clear video at night as well.

That being said, what really puts this Gbargain over the top and in the running for the best video intercom system is the electronic door release feature. With this unique feature, you can stay poolside or keep your eye on the pancakes and let guests in your home with a simple press of a button. Sure, this feature is found on the iVision+ as well, but to find such a neat feature on a door intercom system at this price-point is surprising to say the least. It’s worth noting, however, that the electronic lock must be purchased separately.

In addition to these features and its completely wireless design, the Gbargain Video Intercom System allows you to adjust the volume, brightness, and contrast. There are 16 different types of doorbell rings to choose from as well, and the doorbell unit features a weatherproof aluminum alloy exterior.


• Wireless 7-inch LCD display and intercom
• Camera doorbell
• Remote door unlock
• 16 ring types
• Adjustable volume and picture settings
• Three-year warranty
• Weight: 2.6 pounds
• Dimensions: 10.4 x 7. X 4.2 inches


• Oversized 7-inch handheld monitor for easy and convenient viewing
• Affordable price tag


• Volume could be louder
• Exterior doorbell and camera unit is wired


There are more and more video doorbell intercoms hitting the market these days, but very few provide the features, functionality, and affordability of this Gbargain wireless door intercom. Despite being more affordable than many of its competitors, it somehow manages to offer nearly all of the same functions, making it an obvious choice for more and more homeowners.

If you’re shopping for a wireless video doorbell intercom and looking for the perfect balance of price and function, look no further than this Gbargain.

Factors & Features to Consider When Buying an Intercom System

From transmission range and sound quality to image resolution and ease of use, there are a number of important factors and features to consider when shopping for the best home intercom system for you and your family. To help save you time, money, and a ton of frustration, here’s the rundown on everything you need to keep in mind when browsing for intercom systems both in-store and online:

Performance – Like other gadgets, the quality of an intercom system is determined largely by its performance. Therefore, the performance of an intercom should be a major deciding factor in the selection process. Read home intercom system reviews to see what other consumers are saying about an intercom and compare and contrast the pros and cons. In the end, your goal should be to find an intercom that will perform as needed for your home, family, and lifestyle.

Usage – One of the first things you should do when shopping for an intercom is determine how you plan on using it. Do you need an intercom for communication at work, or do you need a home intercom capable of providing convenience, safety, and security? How you plan on using an intercom is the first step in determining the features you need and the ones you could live without.

Operating Range – The range or distance in which you can clearly communicate is another important factor to consider. If you have a large home or property, you’ll want an intercom system with longer range. On the other hand, if you don’t live on a ranch or in a mansion only need it to communicate within a small building, the operating range of an intercom shouldn’t be a major factor.

Signal Transmission – A clear signal is a must for good performance. Unfortunately, many intercom systems are often affected by interference, making it difficult to communicate clearly on a specific channel. The best wireless intercom systems for home use will have the best signal transmission and least amount of interference possible.

Sound Clarity – With intercoms, the clarity of the speech being transmitted helps determine the effectiveness of messages and how well they are received. Therefore, you need an intercom capable of clearly transmitting speech without noise and static. The sound clarity of an intercom should be good enough to easily understand what someone is saying when they are within range.

Ease of Use – There’s no point in having a high-tech intercom with all of the latest features if you don’t know how to use them. You should purchase an intercom that offers all of the functions and features you need but is still simple enough to use. When comparing different models, keep simplicity in mind and select an intercom with the right balance of features and ease of use.

Volume Control – There may be times when you’ll want the ability to adjust the volume of your intercom. When shopping for a wireless intercom for home, try finding models with adjustable volume controls. This will allow you to hear as well as possible and adjust the volume up or down as needed.

Video Capability – There are plenty of quality home intercoms without video capability, but this useful feature is becoming increasingly popular as of late as more and more video models are being released. Today, some of the best home intercoms have video capability. If you would prefer an intercom with both sound and video transmission, video capability should be near the top of your priorities list when comparing different models.

• Resolution – An intercom with video capability is useless if it has poor image resolution. After all, the point of a video intercom is to be able to clearly see and identify who you’re talking to. So, perform your due diligence, read the reviews, and avoid video intercoms with questionable image quality and poor resolution.

• Price – The price of a home intercom is obviously another factor worth considering. Generally, the price of an intercom system is reflective of its quality and features. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the latest high-tech wizardry, but don’t waste money on features you don’t need or intend on using. On the flipside, you don’t want to give up important features like adjustable volume and image controls just to save a buck. Ultimately, you want an intercom that provides you with everything you need at a price you can afford.

Tips on Choosing the Best Intercom System

Tip #1: Determine Your Needs

Before you begin your quest to find the best home intercom system, the very first thing you should do is determine your needs and how you plan on using it. By doing so, you’ll know what features you actually need and which ones you don’t. This will keep you focused when reading home intercom system reviews and allow you to choose the best possible option for your home.

Tip #2: Go All In on a Video Intercom

With video intercoms becoming more and more affordable, it makes perfect common and fiscal sense to purchase a model with video capability. Many of today’s best intercoms now feature video capability, so the key is finding one with good resolution and great sound quality as well.

Tips #3: Read the Reviews

In-depth home intercom system reviews like the ones on this awesome site can be a shopping lifesaver and help you quickly find the perfect intercom for you and your home. With detailed information on a variety of intercoms, you should use these reviews to compare different models and he features they have to offer.

Tips #4: When in Doubt, Try it Out

If you find a great deal on a home intercom online but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right one, try it out in person if possible. The selection at brick and mortar stores usually isn’t as great as Amazon or other large online retailers, so create a short list of potential candidates and take a trip to your local big box store. If you find one on your list that looks and works great in the store, just remember to check the price because it will probably be cheaper online.

Intercom System FAQ

Should I choose a wired or wireless intercom?

Wired systems are often more reliable, and may be more suitable for commercial applications. However, wireless intercom systems provide a greater number of benefits and have quickly become the most popular option for today’s homeowners. Not only are they easier to install and generally more affordable, but they provide other advantages as well, which definitely tips the scale in their favor.

Can I hook up multiple intercoms to create a network for my home or property?

Yes, many of the best wireless intercoms can be connected to one another or even other models. This allows homeowners to create a network of coms and cameras across their property, providing them with added safety, security, convenience

Will my wireless internet interfere with the wireless intercom signal?

No, wireless intercom and internet signals operate at different frequencies. Therefore, you should be able to operate both without worrying about signal interference. The best wireless intercom system should operate with little to no interference from other wireless devices.

Can I use a home intercom hands-free while cooking or doing some other task?

Yes, many quality home intercom system wireless have a hands-free feature or VOX mode that allows you to talk without having to use your hands. This is a convenient feature many homeowners don’t consider until after the fact, so keep it in mind when shopping for the best home intercom for your family.

Making the Decision

Selecting the best home intercom system requires a little preparation and research. Lucky for you, however, you’ve read all of the home intercom system reviews above and made it to the end of this page. This means you now know more than enough to find the right one for you.

That being said, knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. Rather than reading dozens of reviews for hours on end, take a minute to think about your needs and read the reviews above one more time.

There are hundreds of different home intercoms for sale these days, but my in-the-trenches research has found these five home intercoms to be the best of the best. All you have to do is pick one out and press the buy button, so get to it and begin enjoying the convenience and security of a top-rate home intercom system today!