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Best Wireless Video Doorbell: Skybell vs Ring

If you’re into tech and looking for the best smart doorbell, Ring and SkyBell are two awesome brands seriously worth a look. As two of the world’s leading wireless doorbell manufacturers, both offer high-quality wireless video doorbell systems with more features and functionality than the competition.

Unfortunately, due to the quality of both Ring and SkyBell wireless video doorbells, many homeowners have a hard time deciding between the two and choosing the best doorbell with camera for their home. If you’re here in search of the best front door camera, you honestly really can’t go wrong with either option.

However, in an effort to help you determine the best, we’ve scoured the specs and put these two doorbell systems to the test. Keep reading to see how they match up and discover which is the best smartphone doorbell for you.

Ring and SkyBell Doorbells: Features Comparison

Working Abilities

The SkyBell doorbell edges out the Ring in this category. Why, you might ask? Well, with the SkyBell WiFi doorbell, you can use the smartphone app to turn the doorbell chime on or off. This means you only receive notifications on your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone. Many consider the Ring the best doorbell camera system, but it lacks this feature.

Audio Quality

Honestly, neither Ring nor SkyBell have the type of audio quality you would expect from the best doorbell security camera. The audio quality of the SkyBell tends to be slow and distorted, making it difficult to understand certain words or conversations from time to time.

If your idea of the best wireless doorbell camera is one with excellent audio, the SkyBell will likely disappoint. However, given the Ring’s patchy video feed, which more than one user has pointed out, it may be worth sacrificing a little audio quality for more reliable video transmission.

Video Quality

Patchy video feed aside, the Ring wireless video doorbell has a rather nice 720p HD camera with night vision, a motion sensor, and an impressive 180-degree field of view. Meanwhile, the SkyBell has an equally nice 1080p/720p HD camera with color LED night vision, a motion sensor, and 5x zoom.

Although the SkyBell’s camera has a few features the Ring lacks, it has a more limited 120-degree field of view and is subject to occasional delays. That being said, the actual video quality of the SkyBell video doorbell is top-notch, and given the Ring’s somewhat sketchy video feed, both are evenly matched in the video quality department.

Battery Use

With the Ring, you can use the unit’s built-in rechargeable battery or your home’s current doorbell wiring. If you choose to go the latter route, the Ring installation kit includes a mounting bracket with two transformers for either a digital or hard-wired connection.

The SkyBell, on the other hand, doesn’t utilize a battery. Instead, it must be connected to the wires of your existing doorbell. If your home, condo, or office doesn’t currently have a wired doorbell, professional installation will likely be required. While digital doorbell adapters are also available to make the process easier, most people today expect the best doorbell video camera to feature a wireless design.

Look And Quality

As far as overall looks and aesthetic appeal is concerned, both the Ring and SkyBell wireless video doorbell systems pass with flying colors. Nonetheless, the Ring’s sleek modern design gives it a slight edge. It also comes with your choice of silver, satin nickel, polished brass, and antique brass finishes. The SkyBell is only available in silver or bronze.

Cloud Recording

Unlike the SkyBell, which has no cloud service and can only record via the smartphone app, the Ring wireless video doorbell comes equipped with a nifty cloud recording feature. This feature allows you to capture each and every visitor or activity picked up by the camera’s motion sensor and store the video securely in the cloud for later viewing. Similar to the SkyBell, you can also view recordings with the app.

On-Demand Video

While it lacks cloud recording, the SkyBell comes with a unique on-demand video feature that provides you with direct access to the camera whenever you like. When the SkyBell’s motion sensor is activated, you’ll receive instant notifications on your smartphone or tablet letting you know when a visitor is at your door for longer than 10 seconds.

You can also decide whether or not to play the video and audio feed. If a visitor is worthy of your attention, you can do this by simply pressing the “On-Demand” button on your smartphone app. Pretty cool, right?

Multiple Accounts

SkyBell allows you to add multiple people to an account. Although this may seem like a selling feature, only one person is able to view the live video feed at a time. Therefore, if everyone on the account receives a motion-triggered alert, each person has to take turns viewing it.

Smartphone Compatibility

As you likely know by now, both the Ring and SkyBell wireless video doorbells are considered “smart” doorbells. This means they are both Android and iOS compatible, allowing them to be accessed and operated via an app on a tablet or smartphone. Along with their video capabilities, this puts them ahead of the competition.

Photo Snapping

This unique feature allows you to take and save videos as well as photos for later viewing. While you certainly hope you’ll never have to use such a feature, it can prove to be an invaluable tool for identifying suspicious characters or burglary suspects. The Ring doesn’t have this useful feature, but the SkyBell does, giving yet another factor to consider when deciding on the best wireless doorbell with camera for your home.

Ring vs SkyBell Specifications & Features Comparison Table

ValueRing Wi-Fi DoorbellSkyBell
Weight:1.4 pounds1.9 ounces
Dimensions:0.9 x 2.4 x 5 inches0.9 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
Two-Way Audio:YesYes
One-Way Video:YesYes
Image Quality: 720p HD 1080p/720p HD
Zoom:NoYes (5x)
Motion Sensor:YesYes
Night Vision:YesYes (w/color)
Field of View:180 degrees120 degrees
Temperature Sensor:NoYes
Video Recording:YesYes
On-Demand Video:NoYes
Photos Snapping:NoYes
Cloud Storage:Yes (optional)No
Android and iOS Compatible:YesYes
Dual Power Options:YesNo
Silent Doorbell Mode:NoYes
Colors Options:42
Installation:EasyVery easy
Warranty:12 Months12 Months

Installation Process

Widely regarded as the best smart doorbell, the Ring Video Doorbell System is completely wireless and comes with everything you need for a fast and easy installation. Inside of the included installation toolkit you’ll find a dual-sided screwdriver, drill bit, and all the anchors you could possibly need to install the doorbell unit.

The Ring also comes with a faceplate designed for hard wiring or a lithium ion battery connection, depending on your preference. Not content with stopping there, the smart guys and gals at Ring also designed the Ring system with a battery back-up function. With the included micro-USB cable, you can recharge the battery as needed. They truly thought of everything.

Unlike the Ring, the SkyBell Wireless Video Doorbell must be hardwired, which is not the quickest or easiest of tasks. Therefore, in terms of ease of installation, the Ring takes the cake.

That being said, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or professional electrician to install the SkyBell. In fact, it can be successfully installed by following these five simple steps:

  1. Locate the power source.
  2. Attach the mounting plate at desired location.
  3. Attach the doorbell to the mounting plate.
  4. Install the SkyBell app on your Android or iOS device and follow the prompts to configure the doorbell.
  5. Test the doorbell to make sure it’s properly installed and working correctly.

Please note, these are simplified instructions. Full detailed installation instructions and all of the necessary hardware is included with the SkyBell.

All in all, the Ring’s wireless design makes it easier to install. When you consider its sleek design and other amazing features as well, it’s easy to see why virtually everyone considers the Ring Wireless Video Doorbell the best front door camera on the market today.

Making the Decision

If you’ve read the Ring reviews and SkyBell reviews on this site and managed to make it to the bottom of this page, you should have a pretty good idea of which wireless doorbell camera is right for you.

Believe it or not, you probably now know more about wireless video doorbell systems than 99 percent of the population, so go ahead and make up your mind already!

In all seriousness, both of these wireless video doorbell systems are great options. If you prefer battery-powered operation, cloud recording, and a wide field of view, then go with the Ring. On the other hand, if color night vision, on-demand video, and photo snapping are features you can’t resist, the SkyBell should be your top choice.

Deciding is really that easy, so consider your needs, stop stalling, and click the buy button today! As thousands of happy homeowners can attest, it will be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.